NIL Payouts Done Right

by Payment Labs helps Collectives, Universities, Marketplaces and Agencies to eliminate the NIL Payout Madness with the simplest, easy to use platform to pay NIL student athletes from 140+ countries and making sure there is the necessary tax and data privacy compliance for both Payer and Payee.
As a change agent, we are looking to bring more order, structure and compliance to the Wild Wild West of the dynamic NIL landscape.

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MALLO helps solve the common pain points that organizations in the NIL ecosystem face including:


I don’t have enough resources to compliantly and efficiently pay out all the NIL student athletes for various advertiser and donor campaigns.

Lack of Scalability

Our current system is not scalable enough to pay out hundreds of NIL student athlete's on a recurring basis or ad hoc based on various advertiser and donor campaigns.

Manually Gathering Forms

Our current payout platform does not easily gather the W-9s (and W-8 BEN for International students) from the NIL student athletes so we need to manually get the forms from students and it’s like herding cats.

Returned Payments

We get a lot of returned payments because the student athlete inputted the wrong bank account information.

No Tax Withholding for Payees

With our current platform and process, there's no tax withholding applied which leads to surprises for the students when there is tax due and they’ve already spent the money.

Insufficient Customer Support

Our current payout partner does not offer enough premium, white glove support since we are such a small partner to them.

No NIL Opportunities for International Students

Our international student athletes unfortunately do not get to participate in NIL campaigns because we have no cost effective, compliant way to pay them.

If you have any of these pain points, please reach out to us to learn more by filling out the form below.
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Tax Compliance

Tax information collected and withholding applied based on tax rules. No need to chase down W-9s and deal with incorrect bank information and returned payments.
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Data Privacy

Access to sensitive data is restricted to limit compliance issues. A data breach is a huge risk and MALLO insulates you from that risk.
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KYC/AML Verification

Prevents money from going to flagged accounts and persons. Do you have an AML policy? No, then we can help you be compliant with financial regulations.
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Cross-Border Payments

Make payments across all 50 states and globally through optimized financial routes. We enable your international student athletes to take advantage of NIL opportunities.




Payment Labs brings new solution to NIL space with MALLO platform

As the NIL space continues to grow, more student-athletes and brands are participating in deals. This influx in partnerships is bringing attention to one major problem for both athletes and businesses payments.

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