Fast and compliant global payments with low, flat-rate fees
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Faster payments

MALLO's automated payee onboarding speeds up payment completion. All you need is the recipient's email address to start. Then, our payee portal will guide them through the onboarding process and tax forms required for your payment to be processed.
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Easy one-time payments

One-time payments become quick and easy. Sending a single payment to an individual once can be difficult and time-consuming. Our speedy, automated onboarding and customizable payout options add flexibility to paying people who lack Federal Tax ID numbers or who reside in a country different from your own.
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Bundle payments

Group payments by project or campaign. Easily pay a group of contractors associated with a specific event or influencers for a marketing campaign by setting up a project and specifying the recipients' email and amount. Simplify your bookkeeping by bundling the outgoing payment sum for the project rather than a bunch of smaller payments to each individual.
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Compliance and security

MALLO was designed with data protection as a priority. All data storage and payment processing complies with GDPR and CDPA regulations. Partners can alleviate risk by managing their payees and payments through the security-first platform. We want our partners and payees to have peace of mind when they send and receive payments through MALLO.
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