MALLO is designed to simplify payments and expedite delivery, from our automated payee onboarding tour comprehensive management dashboard. We are constantly working to improve the experience forboth partners and recipients. Here are some of the features that have been most helpful to our partners.
You can request a demo if you want to experience the platform firsthand. Our team would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for upcoming features.

Storing personal banking information for payees is risky

Mishandling sensitive information such as social security numbers and banking information can be dangerous. Even with care, mistakes can be expensive. Reduce risk by offloading data collection to our secure, automated system that complies with GDPR and CDPA regulations. We focus on data security so payments can be safer for you and your payees.

Onboarding new contractors is time consuming

Onboarding, especially for an individual or sole proprietor, can take a lot of time. We'll save you time and headaches with our simple yet comprehensive payee onboarding. You provide the recipient's email and payment amount—we'll take care of the rest. Our system will get the funds delivered faster, without the back-and-forth of collecting and clarifying different bits of information, especially for foreign transfers.

Managing payments projects is complex

A lot of individual payments, weeks or even months after the completion of a project or campaign, can complicate reports and reconciliation. Project and campaign management within MALLO simplifies budgeting and wrap-up. Money leaves your account all at once, and you can see the status of all payouts in one centralized view within the project dashboard.

Taxes are stressful when reporting freelancer payments

Many individual payments to freelancers, contractors, and others can make tax season a nightmare. MALLO's payee onboarding ensures that all necessary information is collected and delivered to you to help you breeze through tax prep.

Brand your own payment portal

Make your payment management a bespoke experience with custom branding. Customize your MALLO dashboard with your brand elements. When users log on to the platform, it will feel like an extension of your website.

Coming Soon

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    ERP integration

    We are working on integrating your MALLO dashboard to your accounting software for seamless reconciliation and up-to-date reporting without manual input.
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    Crypto payments

    We are working on incorporating crypto payout options for recipients. During onboarding, payees will be able to select their payout method and we will be adding crypto to the existing list. This option may be dependent on the recipient’s current country of residence.
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    Gift & debit cards

    Soon, gift cards and prepaid debit cards will be a payout option for payees. Choose from a list of cards including prepaid Visa and MasterCard debit cards or popular gift cards.
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