Fast Payments & Streamlined Tax Compliance in the Creator Economy

December 8, 2023
1 Min Read

Case Study: MediaNug's Magic Formula for Success with Payment Labs

MediaNug, a digital agency started by the first story curators and creative strategists at Snapchat, unlocks brands potential through creative solutions. They work with the biggest brands and have paid out over $1 million to creators. A world-class creative studio, they are the secret sauce to quick and effective user-generated ad production on social media and employ the best talent in the creators that work for them.

Getting paid quickly matters to a creator when choosing what agency to work with. MediaNug faced the challenge of getting their contractors paid timely, securely, and compliantly. Using the Payment Labs platform, MediaNug could quickly onboard creators from anywhere in the world, make fast payments, and rest easy knowing that all tax compliance is automated. They wouldn’t have to track contractors down for documents at year-end. MediaNug can then focus on driving impactful results for brands and exciting minds with creative campaigns rather than tracking down payments to creators and making sure the correct tax forms are submitted.

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